Orange Zest and Lobster: Date Night With Jesus

At times we can grow so focused on the hardships in our stories that we forget to pause and truly thank God for the blessings along the way. This evening, the Lord and I went on a date. We dined in one of the most opulent restaurant locales within this part of the Middle East. Yet, the dinner-which was spectacular-was a muted second to the rich and vibrant conversation that we shared.

With a tea light flickering on the middle of the table, ambient music playing merrily, crystal chandeliers sparking in the main hall, and my pen and paper ready; time spent recharching with my First Love—The Lord—was in full swing.

As my appetizer arrived, I began to recall a beautiful time that the Lord and I had shared on a tiny island off the coast of Thailand, known as Ko Samed. In that time, my ear was in tuned to the Lord’s leading. My Bible was in my bag at all times—and opened daily. I was intoxicated by the lavish love of the Lord. I was ready to do anything He would ask of me—and go wherever He would best see fit for the days, months and years ahead. As the salt and Szechwan pepper soft shelled crab arrived with ponzu sauce, sliced lime and cilantro, I smiled as I had shared a blue shelled crab with the Lord on a similar “date” on that coastal island of Ko Samed seven years previous. Yet, never would I have imagined one day crunching on the deep fried shell—on purpose! It was delicious.

My lobster roll arrived—dotted with black rice, lobster meat erupting from the top of each sushi piece and topped with a thin slice of cherry tomato. I was very intrigued as to what this would taste like! As I took my first bite, the whole room seemed a bit brighter. Beyond what I could see, there was a form of unexpected citrus that surprised my taste buds and complimented the lobster perfectly. The orange zest was truly delightful. And with pen in hand, a parallel to the Christian walk became highlighted in my own mind.

Ladies, how often do we see the circumstance, but miss the “unexpected citrus” that the Lord has in store—to brighten our circumstance? From my own personal experiences, I can testify that at times, until I am willing to get real before the Lord, I cannot see the obvious blessing of a given season or road. Yet, like tonight, when I am willing to get away –alone- with the Lord…my heart is revived. My focus is regained. And the praise returns once more to my heart and lips for all that the Lord has been faithful to do in my life (Luke 6:45).

Ladies, if you have not found value in a “date night” with the Lord in the past—I encourage you to take the challenge! Dress up, put on your best perfume, do your hair and book reservations. Come with expectations that the Lord wants to meet with you (Song of Solomon 2:10). Your beauty is seen by the Lord—all the way through (1 Samuel 16:7). The God of all creation desires to whisper truth to your heart and soul. Bring your Bible and phone as you prepare for an experience of a lifetime with the Lover of your soul, Jesus Christ.


“Your love delights me, my treasure, my bride. Your love is better than wine, your perfume more fragrant than spices.” Song of Solomon 4:10 (NLT)