The Season of Advent: Fall On Your Knees (Part IV)

Blooming Beauty

Alright Ladies, we are entering our fourth part of this series on Advent. Today’s narrative will be based on Matthew 2:13-19. I encourage you to grab a Bible and follow along with the actual text as we try to see this unfolding scene through the eyes of those present.

After the magi and their caravans had left your dwelling in Bethlehem, you and Joseph spoke about the incredible visitors and their testimonies of the unique star. How extraordinary to think that these prestigious men had followed that same star for all those months—in hopes of meeting the newborn King of the Jews—Jesus the Christ. After dinner, two-year-old Jesus was put to bed and evening chores were attended to. All seemed wonderfully tranquil. All appeared perfectly calm. As you closed your eyes and thanked the Lord for the wonderful day, you snuggled your Son a little closer as you drifted off.

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The Season of Advent: Fall On Your Knees (Part III)

Blooming Beauty

Following the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem of Judea, a strange star had appeared in the night’s sky. Trained and learned magi, a specialized caste of wise men, took eager note of this celestial appearance. These men were experts in astrology, astronomy and the natural sciences (reference footnotes Matthew 2:1). They knew the significance of this unique star and set out to meet this newborn king of the Jews, as had been foretold in ancient texts (Micah 5:2). These men of power and great influence prepared their staff to drive their camel caravans across desert lands and far away places in order to meet this newborn king. With royal gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh secured to their caravans for the babe, their elaborately adorned camel caravans were pointed west. The time had come. The prophesied arrival of the King of the Jews had come and not a moment…

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The Season of Advent: Fall On Your Knees (Part II)

Blooming Beauty

Alright, Ladies, allow us to continue to put ourselves in Mary’s place as we now travel with our husband, Joseph, to Jerusalem. You carry your eight-day-old baby boy, Jesus, into the temple courts. It has been a journey, this time 4.4 miles, to travel from Bethlehem to Jerusalem to perform these acts of faithfulness to the Lord within the temple. 

The purpose of this temple visit within Jerusalem was to consecrate eight-day-old Jesus to the Lord as was necessary within the Law of the Lord for all Jewish males (Exodus 13:2 & Exodus 13:12). Circumcision was part of the purification process according to the Law of Moses. Jesus was circumcised at the age of eight-days-old to adhere to this law. It was at this time that Joseph gave Him the name Jesus, as the angel had commanded prior to the Child’s birth.  Joseph and Mary also offered a sacrifice of a…

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The Season of Advent: Fall On Your Knees (Part I)

Blooming Beauty

As this season of Advent has begun, may our hearts turn towards the bustling town of Bethlehem and the sound of cattle and other barnyard animals as a young, betrothed woman prepared to give birth, in a humble stable, to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; Jesus the Christ child.

Many of us have heard this story year after year, but never really given pause to the full weight of the significance of each interlude.

Ladies, put yourselves in Mary’s shoes. You love God. You are a virgin. You are betrothed to a man by the name of Joseph who builds things for a living. You live in the town of Nazareth. There, you witness a spectacular sight, an angel of God, Gabriel, appears to you. After being nearly scared out of your skin by seeing a heavenly being, the angel assures you that you don’t need to…

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