Easter: Victory for the Soul (Part III)

How fun to get to share this series with each one reading! Thank you for joining me as we speak of my FAVORITE TOPIC in all the world…the resurrection of Jesus Christ, my Risen Savior! You can make Jesus YOUR OWN Lord and Savior, too! Read more to learn more about Him. Praise God that Jesus is coming again! May we, as followers of Jesus Christ, be filled with a passionate zeal to speak of Him to all peoples, tribes, nations and tongues for HE CAME TO OFFER SALVATION TO ALL PEOPLE. Amen!

Blooming Beauty

The detachment of soldiers with its commander, along with the Jewish officials, arrested Jesus and bound Him (John 18:12). All of the remaining eleven faithful disciples then scattered and left Jesus to be taken by Judas and those who desired to bring Him to death; just as Jesus had prophesied (John 16:32).

Peter followed at a distance with John, as Jesus was then taken to Annas, the father-in-law of the High Priest that year, who was Caiaphas. Time had become a blur for the disciples as each soul-wrenching step of Jesus’ sorry excuse for a trial unfolded. He was beaten, slapped in the face, mocked and spit on (Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 20:28, Matthew 26:28 & Mark 10:45). Jesus was humiliated as He was dressed up with a military robe, made to wear a horrible crown made from twisted thorns and had a reed placed within his hand—as soldiers mocked him…

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Easter: Victory for the Soul (part II)

Here is Part II of the III part series on the life, death and resurrection of my LORD Jesus Christ. If you never have made Jesus your own personal Lord and Savior, there would be no better time than right now to declare Him to be the Son of God and ask for His forgiveness of your rebellion against God…read on to learn more…be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ my Risen Lord!

Blooming Beauty

After Jesus had finished instructing His remaining eleven disciples and praying in their presence, it was time to leave. Jesus and His remaining disciples traveled across the Kidron Valley, via candlelight, to the Garden of Gethsemene and went into it. This was a place where Jesus and His twelve disciples had frequently come to pray and they all knew this location well (John 18:1-2). By this time, it was late at night. Judas, being one of Jesus’ twelve disciples, knew exactly where to find the One he had sold out for personal gain. And now, for thirty pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15), Judas took with him a company of soldiers and some temple police from the chief priests and Pharisees and came to ambush Jesus for His arrest and coming death (John 18:3).

36Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane, and He told the

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Easter: Victory for the Soul (Part I)

May we reflect on the purpose of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a series of three pieces I wrote a few years back in preparation for my FAVORITE holiday; RESURRECTION DAY (aka Easter). May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified. He is risen! He is risen, indeed! (Matthew 28:6)

Blooming Beauty

As the victorious season of Easter is upon us, have you ever stopped to wonder, “Could these things actually have happened?” Well, if so, you are not alone! For the sake of understanding the Easter story from a different angle, we will put ourselves into the shoes of the disciple called Thomas (in Aramaic) who was also called Didymus (in Greek) both mean “twin”. Although Thomas is famous for being remembered as a disciple who doubted (John 20:29), we will see that Jesus always provided comfort and answers to his questions. And, Ladies, may you be encouraged that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He will answer all of your questions, too. Why? Because you are eternally worth it to an infinitely loving God (1 John 4:9). The story of Jesus’ Resurrection is the ultimate story of epic and unabashed love as He carried out celestial…

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