The Season of Advent: Fall On Your Knees (Part I)

Blooming Beauty

As this season of Advent has begun, may our hearts turn towards the bustling town of Bethlehem and the sound of cattle and other barnyard animals as a young, betrothed woman prepared to give birth, in a humble stable, to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; Jesus the Christ child.

Many of us have heard this story year after year, but never really given pause to the full weight of the significance of each interlude.

Ladies, put yourselves in Mary’s shoes. You love God. You are a virgin. You are betrothed to a man by the name of Joseph who builds things for a living. You live in the town of Nazareth. There, you witness a spectacular sight, an angel of God, Gabriel, appears to you. After being nearly scared out of your skin by seeing a heavenly being, the angel assures you that you don’t need to…

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